bilicky profil


The first consultation during which the potential client addresses the lawyer by submitting the actual legal matter to be subsequently explained as for the nature of relevant legal services will be provided free of charge.

Where the initial documents in relation to the given legal matter are extensive and must be thoroughly studied before determining the legal nature of the problem, a single fee for such examination may be agreed with the client.


Následne je odmena za poskytnuté právne služby účtovaná v zmysle vyhlášky Ministerstva spravodlivosti SR z 10. novembra 2004 č. 655/2004 Z.z. s ohľadom na povahu klientom vyžadovanej právnej pomoci. Na základe uvedeného môže byť odmena dojednaná ako:


  • hourly rate fee
    This is determined on the basis of the number of hours necessary for the legal services.
  • contingent fee
    This fee is charged in proportion to the value of the disputed claim proceeded before the court or any other authority, where, based on the facts of the case, the outcome of the proceeding is quite uncertain, provided the client has been so instructed.
  • flat fee, a total fee for the case handled in full concerning one issue or a set of issues
    This fee can be agreed e. g. when dealing with issues without knowing in advance the amount of acts in law that may be ultimately necessary, so a fixed amount is charged regardless of the number of acts in law to be provided to deal with the matter in full.
  • monthly retainer fee
    This fee is charged upon a prior agreement mainly with regular clients, with the monthly package including the agreed scope of legal services provided in general or in specific areas.


  • The basic tariff fee rate will be determined on the value of the subject-matter at issue and the number of acts in law actually performed in relation to the case. Under § 9 of the above Regulation, the basic tariff rates may be increased or reduced in some cases.

Value of the subject matter at issue

Rate for a single act in law

165.97 EUR or less

EUR 16,60

exceeding EUR 165,97 up to EUR 663.88

EUR 16.16 EUR + EUR 1.66 EUR per each EUR 33.19 in excess of EUR 165.97

exceeding EUR 663,88 up to EUR 6,638.78

EUR 41.49 + EUR 9.96 per each EUR 331.94 in excess of 663.88 EUR

exceeding EUR 6,638.78 up to EUR 33,193.92

EUR 220.74 + EUR 16.60 per each WUR 1,659.70 in excess of EUR 6,638.78

exceeding EUR 33,193.92

EUR 486.29 + 6.64 EUR per each EUR 3,319.39 in excess of EUR 33,193.92

If the value of the subject-matter at issue cannot be determined, the fee will be agreed in compliance with the above Regulation. In any event, the fee must always be agreed prior to the provision of legal services.