Under Act No. 586/2003 Z. z. on legal profession, amending Trades Act No. 455/1991 Zb. as amended, a lawyer gives assistance to exercise the constitutional right of legal defence of individuals, and to protect other rights and interests of individuals and legal entities ("Client") in conformity with the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, the laws of constitutional force, other laws and other generally binding statutory regulations.

Lawyer provides legal services, in particular by:

  • representing clients in proceedings before courts, public authorities and other entities of law
  • defending client in criminal proceedings
  • giving legal advice
  • arranging court and out-of-court dispute resolution and settlement
  • drawing up legal documents
  • giving additional forms of legal counselling and giving legal aid
  • managing the clients’ assets
  • preparing legal analyses of cases
BILICKY Law Firm provides for a comprehensive range of legal services in all areas of law. To give you a better picture, here are some examples:

1. Commercial law

  • drafting and legal assessment of contracts
  • establishing companies and making changes in data registration
  • increasing or reducing registered capital
  • transfer of ownership interest
  • representation before the registration court, the trades and tax authorities
  • drafting internal corporate rules and regulations (articles and by-laws)
  • preparing and conducting company general meetings
  • corporate registration and reporting
  • management and collection of claims

2. Labour law

  • advice in employment relations and labour law to both the employees and the employers
  • preparing the documents concerning the origination, changes and termination of employment or other employment relations
  • judicial representation in labour-related disputes such as e.g. disputed termination of employment
  • making claims from wrongful dismissal
  • analyzing the rights and claims arising from the existing contracts of employment and internal corporate rules and regulations
  • employment rules, internal guidelines concerning the employees’ rights and duties

3. Civil law

  • preparation and legal assessment of contracts and any proposed agreements
  • legal services regarding joint ownership and undivided joint ownership of spouses
  • advice and services regarding the sale, purchase and/or lease of immovable property
  • easements, security interests, protection of proprietary rights
  • negotiation and settlement in neighbourly relations
  • legal services and representation in inheritance proceedings
  • securing, changing and terminating obligations/liabilities
  • representation in cases concerning legal deprivation or return of legal capacity
  • representation in consumer disputes

4. Family law

  • drawing-up divorce papers and representation in the follow-up procedure
  • drafting papers to enforce parental rights and duties in relation to minor children
  • giving advice on child custody and visitation rights
  • advice and representation in support and disputes

5. Criminal law

  • defending the accused in criminal proceedings at liberty or held in custody
  • defending the accused serving sentence and making requests for conditional release from prison
  • representing victims of crime and making claims for recovery of damages
  • advice and drawing up criminal complaints for victims of crimes or witnesses in criminal cases

6. Administrative law

  • representation in and advice on construction law
  • drawing up submissions and requests lodged with administrative authorities
  • representing clients in the proceedings concerning administrative offences
  • representing clients in cadastral proceedings
  • representation and advice in administrative justice, making complaints and seeking review of final decisions of administrative authorities, appealing against the administrative decisions
  • drawing up requests to eliminate delays in judicial proceedings and prompting administrative authorities for action

7. Constitutional law

  • drafting constitutional complaints and representing in proceedings before the Constitutional Court